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4 Simple, Powerful Copywriting Tips

on April 12, 2013

Writing words that paint a vivid picture is a strong asset when it comes to selling a product or service, whether it’s for your sales page, promotional articles, solo ads and alike… There are times when pictures are not available as a selling tool so it takes the right words to help the consumer envision what they are missing out on. With basic copywriting tips, you can learn how to paint simple textual pictures like these:

- A hot, buttery-sweet stack of pancakes
- The soft, silky fabric caressed her skin gently
- Try Mr. Bubblez for a luxurious and soothing bath after a long day at the job.

These are some examples of how words can help the consumer picture the benefit of having something that brings pleasure or satisfaction. When writing for online sales, there are a few copywriting tips that will help anyone to write a description or short message that tells the reader about what a product can do or how it will make their life better.

1. Use an interesting headline that speaks about the product or service. Here, many approaches may be used. The headline may ask the audience a question or engage them to read more about a particular issue. It may also present a solution to a common problem or a call to action. Headlines should be short and use simple language that is easy to comprehend.

2. Use short paragraphs as well as sentences. Having small blocks of text instead of a long passage with no breaks in between ensures easier reading. This holds especially true for copy that will be used online.

3. Keep the language simple. By speaking to the average person, your copy is likely to receive more attention. Using long or technical words may b perplexing for the reader as they may not understand the message.

Finally, it is recommended that you know the audience you are writing for. Their age group, education and interests are important so that you will know what type of language will translate best. Copy geared to a teen audience and one that is over the age of 45 will be entirely different. The same applies to those who are high school graduates and those that hold a professional degree.

For most audiences, speaking in a tone that is light and friendly goes over well. Since the purpose here is to sell, you may want to steer clear of language that may be considered mean or overly authoritative. Though there are some ad copy that may be used for shock value, it is best to keep these basic copywriting tips in mind when writing to sell a product or service.

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