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SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

on October 2, 2012

You will make mistakes along the way if you do not pay attention to the pitfalls associated with SEO. Here are some of mistakes you should avoid bumping into in the first place to help improve the visibility of your search engine.

1) Be wary of online tools that disguise themselves as mediums for penalizing SEO content

These online tools are observed everywhere on the internet. They can be attached in a software bundle from a particular website or they can be installed separately in your computer. These bogus tools will try to lure you in by fooling you to scan your website for screening. They’ll also go further by informing you if your site has been tagged by search engines. You’ll be asked to pay a monthly fee in the form of a donation. There are even times when they’ll ask you to pay a hefty service fee – sometimes in a huge lump sum. In truth, the tools offer little or no use since they practically do nothing in improving your page rank. Google offers the same tools for free. The big difference is that they actually work. You can find these penalty checking tools within the Google’s Webmaster Tools.

SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid2) Aiming for keywords that dictate low traffic

You will encounter instances where some SEO campaigns are purposely made to net in low traffic. Such cases would lead to high earnings. An example of this involves creating a niche which addresses a solution for a particular online problem. But the rest of the websites out there heavily rely on keywords to remain competitive. One reason why keywords are relied on is because they help generate traffic through visitors who visit a particular website via the search engines. It’s not recommended to pick out keywords for your SEO strategy simply because you like them in the first place. Nor should you focus on simple keywords that would likely directly low traffic to your site. Your efforts in compiling SEO content will be pointless if you end up not getting much visitors in the end.

3) Never take your online visitors for granted

Just because you have visitors who visited your site doesn’t entirely mean they’re guaranteed to come back again or invite more users to browse to the products or services you’re offering. You need to make sure the site you have up and running should be simple enough to navigate. It would be really sad if you worked your butt compiling SEO content on a website that’s hard to get around in.

4) Never overstuff keyword in your SEO articles

Too many keywords in an SEO article is never recommended. Just because you want to stuff keywords in an article doesn’t necessarily mean you should overdo it. The results would be opposite for many reasons. For one, this would turn off a lot of online visitors. Reading content that doesn’t make a lot of sense due to overstuffing of keywords will result to low traffic generated to your webpage. Search engines nowadays have advanced filtering to remove content with overstuffed keywords through various algorithm methods.

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